Sentol Bottle Openers

Sentol is a product of Yoshiritsu Co. Ltd. of Japan, the inventors of LaQ toys.

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Push, Click and Open! 

​Just push down and open a bottle instantly.​

A magnet will keep the cap from falling off after opening.​ 

A bottle opener with a patented mechanism that allows one to remove a bottle cap with a simple push down motion.*


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Sentol was invented in Japan in 1981 by Mr. Hiroshi Kichijo, the same inventor of LaQ Toys.

Mr. Kichijo found that opening a bottle with a conventional bottle opener was not an easy task to a child, to the elderly, or someone with arthritis or wrist injury. The daily routine of using the conventional bottle opener was in need of a change to something that was fun and easy enough for anyone.

In the late 70's Mr. Kichijo started creating his first prototypes. The first samples were square and made with stainless steel material, but the square design was unstable on top of the bottle, and stainless steel was not the ideal material for his invention. The use of a good quality and durable plastic cylinder shape made Sentol easier to hold, and easier to fit smoothly on the bottle.

The fun Push! and Pop! bottle opener Sentol was finally created!

A patent was issued in 1983 and Sentol has since become a popular household item and souvenir that can be enjoyed by family and friends.


What does Sentol mean?

The name Sentol comes from the Japanese words sen and toru, literally translated to 'take off cap'. Sen means 'cap', and tol comes from the word toru which means 'to take'.

How does it work?


Woody Puddy wooden magnetic play food

Simply place Sentol over the top of your bottle and press down. The cap will hang on to the magnet built inside it, so you can easily grab it and dispose of it. Just push, click and open.



Woody Puddy wooden magnetic play food

Woody Puddy wooden magnetic play food

One of the several Sentol types available is the Mount Fuji. The three units depicted above show the design around a Sentol bottle opener.



As the inventor and original manufacturer of both Sentol and LaQ products, Mr. Kichijo and his company, Yoshiritsu Co. Ltd., are proud to assure our valuable customers of a high quality household product.



Woody Puddy wooden magnetic play food


Sentol is the original push down bottle opener.

Only authentic Sentol bottle openers have the following stamped underneath:



*Designed to be used on crown cap bottles. Metal twist-off caps may require one extra push action. Does not work on plastic caps.

Sentol is designed and manufactured in Japan​

WARNING: Not intended for use by children. THIS IS NOT A TOY.