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Woody Puddy Toys

Woody Puddy Toys


Woody Puddy was launched in 2006 to satisfy the growing needs of healthy toys for children, not only for their safety but also to provide emotional connections to natural materials. Since its inception, the brand has received numerous accolades from parents and educators alike, and has since expanded its distribution to over 400 retailers in Japan alone.  

Woody Puddy wooden magnetic play foodHandmade Toys
Each Woody Puddy Toy is handmade from solid woods and carefully designed to enhance all of the child's senses. Toys made of natural materials have warmth and depth that synthetic materials cannot compare to, and Woody Puddy utilizes the feel and weight of natural woods to provide sensual nourishments for a child's emotional development.
All edges are rounded and each piece is hand polished, thus enriching the sense of touch which is so important in the development of hand-eye coordination at early age. Woody Puddy toys are meant to be educational but also intuitive in which a child can creatively discover the functions of everyday tools by naturally mimicking activities such as cooking or creating food presentations.
With interactive play in mind, many of the toys are designed to engage a child's imagination and recreate activities of a real-life scenario.

Woody Puddy toys are true heirlooms which will provide years of enjoyment with the durability and timelessness of natural materials, at surprisingly affordable prices.

Safety is a given

With more than 30 years of manufacturing experience, Dinghy Co., Ltd. produces Woody Puddy toys with utmost care and attention while following the strict safety standards of ST/EN71/ASTM.

All products are made of natural materials and use non-toxic finishes, and pieces are sized large enough to prevent the children from accidentally swallowing them.