Counterfeit LaQ Products


Yoshiritsu Co. Ltd., the inventor and manufacturer of LaQ toys have spent several years investing in resources and carefully developing safe products and brand recognition. Unfortunately, LaQ is being unlawfully imitated and sold at inferior quality through unauthorized channels. These copied products, while not always easy to detect, are not produced by Yoshiritsu, do not meet their quality and safety standards and are not covered by their warranty. The only way to ensure that you are purchasing authentic LaQ products is to purchase through this site or through a LaQ partner or retailer.

LaQ Blocks ( is the exclusive LaQ distributor for the U.S.




Yoshiritsu and LaQ Blocks value safety. The materials used in counterfeit LaQ products are not certified and are not compliant to safety standards.

Below is a list of issues we found from copycat products attempting to offer a similar experience to LaQ:

Safety concern:

  • Not tested and/or do not comply with safety standards;

  • May contain harmful levels of phthalates and/or lead;

  • Parts breaking.

Limited flexibility:

  • Wheels are stickier and won't rotate as expected;

  • Inconsistent sizes of parts that don't fit well - stay loose instead of firmly connected;

  • Parts not compatible with authentic accessories.

Limited play factor:

  • Parts are not smooth to the touch;

  • Colors are not vibrant. Parts are dull in color and unappealing for kids to play with;

  • Instructions are confusing to follow due to lack of attention to details;

  • Models are clunky or less exciting to build;

  • Missing parts on occasions, which means the models can't be completed.

Lower value:

  • Instructions usually include fewer models lowering the value of the product. All LaQ sets larger than the mini size have instructions for multiple models.





Read about our safety standards and CPSIA on our Safety Standards page.

For a complete list of test reports and approvals please visit our test report page