Education Sets

LaQ provides great educational benefits through play-based learning. It’s fun and suitable for a wide range of ages. While some children may have the dexterity at 3 years old, it is more common for 4 - 5 years old to have the fine motor skills to play with LaQ.

With only 7 different shapes, the learning process for children is quick before they learn the basic techniques.

Below is a list of the recommended products designed for childcare centers, kindergartens, and primary schools.



 Product Name

Storage Case


Instructions For

Suitable For

Basic 801


1800 pieces in 12 colors.

60 Hamacron parts

42 Models

2-3 kids

Basic 2400 Colors


2400 pieces in 6 colors.

60 Hamacron parts

31 Models

3-5 kids

Basic 2400 Pastel


2400 pieces in 6 pastel colors.

60 Hamacron parts

11 Models

3-5 kids

Basic 5000


5000 pieces in 10 colors.

120 Hamacron parts

40 Models

6-8 kids

The large STEM construction sets are excellent for shared play for more than 3 children. Includes a large number of pieces in a wide range of colors and shapes, special Hamacron wheels and axles, instruction booklets with step by step diagrams, and a sturdy plastic storage case. These sets have been designed to be used in the classroom or kindergarten settings.



Every LaQ education set can be used with a downloadable Education Pack that provides ideas, structured activities and inspiration for using LaQ in the classroom. The pack provides guides for getting started, instructions sheets for building techniques, a library of instructions for starter models at different levels, as well as further ideas for using LaQ in the classroom.

Additional instructions available in LaQ Instructions under our Resources section.