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What Is LaQ?

LaQ is an innovative, educational and highly tactile construction toy. It was invented based on culture and values of traditional Japanese architect and recycling. The simplicity of its design and high quality manufacturing enables infinite creative construction possibilities.

Pronounced as La-Kyuu, its uniqueness comes from using just 7 types of block parts (2 base parts and 5 connector parts) for unlimited 2D and 3D creations. With only 7 shapes, it’s easy to combine different sets and colors to come up with fantastic new creations.

The letter "Q" in the name stands for the Japanese word "kyuu" which means sphere. LaQ is completely unique in how it can create spherical geometric shapes and the ultimate block to explore the possibilities in creating from a child's imagination. 

 LaQ green and white sphere


LaQ allows kids to start with simple shapes, and then rapidly imagine and build their own creations. The largest sets have complex 3D models that challenge teenagers and adults alike. For more information, please visit The Learning Process page.



LaQ pieces make a fun snapping noise when putting the pieces together. The Snap ensures the child that pieces are firmly connected, and makes building an enjoyable and satisfying experience while encouraging them to continue creating a personal toy. The tactile experience of connecting parts is very rewarding and promotes concentration through creative play for all ages.




Pieces 1 & 2: The LaQ fun begins with the square and triangle. These pieces connect with connector pieces 3 - 7 and the Hamacron wheels and axles for an unlimited number of creations.

Pieces 3 and 4: These are the basic connectors that snap together with pieces 1 and 2 to make flat models. 

Piece 5: The creative fun of LaQ takes¬†on a new dimension with piece 5, a 120¬į angled¬†connector that makes curved shapes and spheres.

Pieces 6 and 7: These are 90¬į and 180 ¬į angled connectors to expand on 2D and 3D creations.

Learn how to use LaQ pieces here



 LaQ 12 colors

LaQ is available in the following colors: Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, Pink, Sky Blue, Orange, Lime, Brown, White, Gray and Black.




Large Wheel: The Hamacron Wheel puts the LaQ fun into motion! It can be used as a multi-connector piece or to mobilize LaQ models. Large Axle: This connector piece connects the Hamacron Wheel to LaQ pieces 1 and 2.


Midsize Wheel: The newest addition to the Hamacron wheels, available in select sets only. A versatile wheel where pieces can be inserted inside the rim.

Midsize Axle: The newest addition to the Hamacron axles, available in select sets only. Connects the Hamacron Wheel to LaQ pieces 1 and 2.



Mini Wheel: The Hamacron Mini Wheel keeps playtime rolling! This versatile wheel can be used on vehicles, as funny eyes for character models, or whatever else you can imagine!

Mini Axle: This connector piece connects the Hamacron Mini Wheel to LaQ pieces 1 and 2.


Learn how to use Hamacron parts here



LaQ sets are available in themed collections and Basic series. In the Basic series you will encounter the largest sets such as the Basic 801, 2400 Colors, 2400 Pastel and 5000, ideal to play with family and friends.

Instruction guides come with step by step diagrams to build each model. These instructions teach the LaQ building techniques and help develop concentration and spatial ability. The techniques also provide inspiration for imagining and building new models.

LaQ products provide a blend of following instructions and unlimited open-ended play.